Visitors Information


Conditions during the summer several weeks time season can touch 42 levels Celsius especially in month of May and September being most popular several weeks. Down pours are propagate over the month from early September and moisture levels presently can cause discomfort. Winter months season October- ending and till February-ending are cold as well as dry and minimum temperature ranges can go low as the 3 levels Celsius in the late Dec and Jan. Heavy woolens is ideal during now.

Languages spoken

British, Punjabi, Hindiand Urdu are commonly verbal.

Dressing – Wearing loose, moderate and the smart clothes.

Smoking – Cigarette smoking is prohibited in community venues, trains and vehicles and govt workplaces, inside movies hallways and cinemas in Delhi state. Most resorts and dining locations have individual smoking areas.


Digital cameras is not allowed at airport, army set ups, and church buildings and other locations where such is aware are taken up. Visitors have not been allowed to taking pictures in Delhi City Programs.

Buying Liquor

Delhi notices dry times on the national and even regional vacations and there are the lot of liquor sites run through the Delhi Gov departments and personal owners. All big resorts provide liquor and do several dining locations and cafes. Dry times is not appropriate to resorts and dining locations


Connaught Position is an foodie’s heaven. Apart from Native indian, major worldwide dishes are available in these resorts and dining locations. Most of resorts also provide Navigator meals. Bars close during 11:00 hrs. Though most dining locations stay start until late night, most of 5 star resorts have the 24x7 cafes.

Water and Electricity

Water is the problem in summer several weeks, though this is not situation during the cold months season. You should purchase water available. Power is at the 220 v supply and also power shutdowns in optimum of summer several weeks are very common.

Banking Hours

Most financial institutions are start from 10 till 2 p.m. Thursday till Saturday and up till 12 mid-day on Saturdays. Some financial institutions are starting from 8 am. till 8 p.m. Some divisions of financial institutions will be working on Sundays and others had the ATM features around the town. There are countless foreign financial institutions situated mostly and around Connaught Position like American Show, Financial institution of America, Hong Kong Financial institution, and Financial institution of Seattle.


Taxis have been on calling 24 hrs over telephone and regional ones are usually in black as well as yellow with digital meters. The one which did not have meters carrying a stand up data. (Luggage and Evening expenses are 25% additional from 11 p.m. till 5 a.m.). Radio taxis will be available on the set distance rate basis. To name the few: Easy Taxis – 43434343, Delhi Taxis – 44333222, Meru Cabs – 44224422.)

Auto Rickshaws

Automatic rickshaws have become cheaper and convenient than the taxis. They have digital metres which will show contract price and distance. Rs.10 will be billed for first km and also Rs.4.50 for following km. Evening expenses 20% additional 11p.m. till 5 a.m. In situation of extreme asking for or bad behavior through auto or taxi motorists switch 24 hours helpline variety 23378888 and SMS 2222 and you can write to the Transportation Division GNCTD, Underhill Street, 5/9, Delhi.

Public Transport

Delhi Transportation Organization operates the huge navy of vehicles operating in entire town. Peak hours time are from the 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. You can also find night service vehicles rom train place. Delhi City Railroad is efficient as 3 points: Dilshad Garden –Rithala range, Tis Hazari - Vidalaya Vishwa Kashmere Checkpoint – Secretariat Central range – Yamuna Line as well as Indraprastha and  Barakhamba Street till Dwarka path.

Rent A car

Several personal providers in town offer these services. Vacationer Office or Guides British speaking books accepted through the Travel and leisure Division are available on all important tourist areas. These tourist Workplace of govt situated at Janpath,88, Connaught Position (Ph: 23412336 as well as 23417035) also help in the organizing books.


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