Dominos Pizza

Domino's Chicken wings is one of the greatest and quickest growing worldwide meals sequence in Southern Japan. The first Domino’s Chicken wings shop was started out in New Delhi on Jan 1996. Nowadays, Domino's Chicken wings has become a wide system of 34 sites within Delhi Investment for quality Chicken wings distribution and meals sequence. Slap your mouth over attractive garlic bread, vegetables and other French recipes and ready made meals at Domino's, an show style restaurant located at Connaught Position.

The Domino’s Chicken wings shop at Connaught Position has sitting potential of nearly 20 visitors. The atmosphere is very excellent with an amazing internal set up with enough housing for clients.

Other features at Domino’s Chicken wings Middle at Connaught Position contains take away that allows the clients to package the meals and carry it house. This cafe in Connaught Position is efficient performing for the last 10 decades & continues to be start seven times a week from 11 AM to 11 PM.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a major meals sequence of fried poultry and delightful non vegetable meals. The KFC was established by Colonel Harland Sanders in the year 1938 and the same old formula is still followed at the various shops located in different nations. KFC is an show cafe that preserves one of its cafe sequence sites in one of the most popular marketplaces of New Delhi, Connaught Position.

The KFC shop in Connaught Position is start from 8.30 AM to 11 PM. The cafe provides take away support and allows bank cards. The meals here is not only tasty but cost-effective as well, with the normal cost for two which range from Rs.251 to Rs.500. European songs in the backdrop and the vibrant décor will brighten you up as you eat on your preferred foods.


McDonald is globe's major sequence of ready made meals products. In Delhi, McDonald’s managing with 23 sites. But McDonald's shop at Connaught Position is considered to be the most audience puller. A hit with the young audience in Delhi, as also Gurgaon, McDonald has plenty of lovers & is an area where every type of guest likes to be present at exclusively the meals lovers. They started with their first division in Basant Lok in 1996 & today it has 169 dining places across Native indian.

In Connaught Position, Delhi McDonald’s is managing with 4 sites such as the one at Connaught Festival, Janpath, and Inner Team & in stunning building. All the sites are fully air-conditioned. Credit score Card is approved and house distribution is free in the variety of 5 km.


Nirula’s cafe in Connaught Position is the most popular amongst their other divisions across Delhi. Don’t anticipate the real Italiano pizza here, but its top-of-the-line Desi things. Delicious pepper Chicken Chicken chicken wings and the Mutton Bread Chicken chicken wings are the suggested products for pizza lovers. You could also try the Chicken Wings and the Fried Fish and you will not be frustrated. All your Hamburgers and Foot wishes are available here, besides the Healthy salad Bar at Pot Poori. Next door is the Native indian Fast-food and Ice-Cream Parlour. Popular Nirula’s Hot Candy Fudge and the Ridiculous Friend are for those who love sweets.

The selection being provided at Nirula’s is very different such as greatest variety of choice in meals. They provide both western and Native indian dishes, drinks and sweets cheaply. From youngsters to grandma and grandpa, kids, close relatives, Nirula’s provide the requirements of all the clients. One can enjoy all type of recipes such as kebabs, thalis, paranthas, cheese burgers, garlic bread, drinks, ice lotions, desserts, pastries, sweets and a lot more.

The Nirula’s dining places are very fresh & prepared with modern features and friendly team which make them very famous amongst the local Delhiites and viewing people from other countries in Delhi.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the globe's greatest pizza sequence with over 12,500 dining places across 91 nations. In Native indian they are managing with 140 dining places such as 20 sites in Delhi area. The legendary pizza worldwide (apparently the creators of the first pizza ever to be sent to the White House and, decades later, to Boris Yeltsin during the 1992 hen house in the erstwhile USSR), is a hit with Delhiites who never wheel of their discuss of fast-food.

Pizza Hut Restaurant at Connaught Position, New Delhi reveals on all times from 11 AM to 11 PM. It gives you booking only for big people.


Subway Restaurant located at Connaught Position in Delhi is a worldwide sequence of food cafes. If you are looking for an periodic visit, then train is worth to go. Subway provides a variety of snacks such as Chicken Breasts and the Chicken Meatballs, Bistro Garden Party etc. Other types include Liquefy, BLT, Chicken Terriyaki or Chicken Pesto. These are couple of products one can try at any time any day. Subway is a great location to pick up a food, which, though a tad expensive, provides, to excellent value-for-money.


Wimpy's is an International ready made meals sequence & they have their air-conditioned cafe in Connaught Position, the Middle of Delhi. The cafe is nice & fresh with sitting potential of 300 individuals. Wimpy’s Restaurant in Connaught Festival is one place which life up to the fire of immediate service: you can be sure that your order will be ready even before you complete studying the ice-cream list. The Wimpy’s cafe in Connaught Position provides ready made meals delicacies. Hamburgers and Pizza's are available. Documented songs is available for enjoyment. Wimpy's is start from 10:00 to 00:00 hrs.

The cheese burgers and garlic bread are conventional stand up across the various sites of this sequence. The garlic bread, however, are a bit too crusty and the toppings could be more nice. While the Wimpy's and the recognized by different levels of reliability. Try the Veggie Hamburger, Delicious Vegetable Hamburger, Chana Masala Hamburger, Half-n-Half Non-Veg Chicken chicken wings and the Chicken Blocks.


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