Redevelopment Plans

By the delayed 2000s Connaught Position had missing much of its old wonder, even though the appeal of the market never did not entice footfalls. As a part of its 'Return to culture Project', the New Delhi Public Regulators (NDMC) has ready a strategy to update and redevelop this extremely pleased milestone of Delhi. The strategy contains supply of culture delicate signages, technological innovation upgrades of streets, waterflow and drainage sewerage, drinking water and substations etc., growth of a traffic control strategy, conditions of road furnishings such as sufficient vehicle parking, pathways etc. and improving the architectural balance of all structures such as retrofitting for earth quake level of resistance. All these elements have been determined based on research performed by various well-known organizations like SPA, RITES, CMCCC, and NTPAC etc.

The redevelopment perform was scheduled to be finished in time for this years Earth Activities organised at Delhi. But due to huge cost overruns and excessive setbacks, this due date was not met. The Performance Review Review ready by Operator and Auditor Common, Indian, on the Earth Activities 2010 determined that there were "significant inadequacies in agreement control, with major preventable expenditure". Moreover, the miss-management and setbacks triggered great difficulty to the customers and shop-owners as well, and led to a decrease in business. Many store-owners reported of intermittent power and missing air-conditioning in their stores during the remodelling perform.

Work on the remodelling was started again soon after the Earth Activities, and is currently ongoing arrived to fulfill the new due date of Dec 2012.

The worldwide exclusive worldwide art venture U. s. Friend Holds was provided in New Delhi on the Connaught Position during the summer time season 2012.


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