Wholesale Flower Market

This general plant industry in Connaught Position, New Delhi begins day at 4:00 AM and ultimately ends up beginning by 9:00 AM. It is considered that this plant industry in Connaught Position was established in 1995 by Shri Brij Mohan Khanagwal. There are Thousands of plant providers at this industry who come from far off locations every day and earn a residing by promoting the different wide variety of blossoms. Most of the flower shops from different areas of Delhi also come here to buy the blossoms they offer during the day. While they buy the blossoms at very inexpensive prices, but offer them at a much greater costs.

Once you get into the industry you would see collections of providers or flower shops promoting different kinds of cut blossoms that are brought in from other locations and nations. The perfumes from the blossoms like flowers, chrysanthemums, rajnigandha would invite you in here. This is a general industry so you can get your preferred blossoms at very low costs here. Number of Flower Investors shows their promotions during this time when suppliers and designers, and some clients who want blossoms for their personal use, come to inventory up for their own clients. Thousands of traders set up store every day of the year, all short-term, to do an yearly business over $100 thousand (unofficial estimates).


Focusing on the blossoms themselves, the variety is as amazing as the resource itself. Flowers come here from all over Indian – as well as from far away nations like Thailand, Chinese suppliers and Netherlands amongst others. Number of blossoms in plant industry in Connaught Position, contains flowers, orchid flowers, zebras, lilies, eye, marigolds, anthuriums, and even synthetic ones. In all shades of white-colored wines, orange, yellow, doldrums, white-colored wines to emphasize just a few.

The well-known blossoms like Roses, Fowl of Heaven and Carnations that are available here are brought in from Pune and Bangaluru. One can also find different kinds of Gladiolus or the light red trumpet blossoms, marigold or ‘genda fool’ blossoms, lemon and apple shaded Asiatic Lilies, Rajnigandha, orchid flowers, wide variety of Gerbera blossoms which are available in red, yellow-colored, lemon and light red shade.

Other kinds of blossoms contains anthorium, Jaffri, Maggie, patti Kolkata, lotus and more. For increased fans, apart from the well-known red increased, the providers also offer apple flowers, yellow-colored flowers, white-colored flowers, light red flowers and other tinted flowers.


Different kinds of results in and divisions are also marketed here which are used for designing the blossoms. These are especially well-known with the flower shops who use them in the arrangements.

Bamboo and Plants

The plant traders also offer bamboos and other vegetation that can be used in your house. The industry also has its discuss of dry plant providers who offer quite a number dry blossoms, dry plant holders and pot-pourri that could be a part of your house designing or used as presents.

Bouquet Accessories

The plant industry in Connaught Position offers various other products and components that was often needed by the flower shops. For example one can buy different shade netting, clear wrapping linens with different styles, division cables and sponges used for the arrangements, glimmer, guitar record, scissers, and lace in different shades and so on. Stick holders, cup jugs and other components can also be discovered here and are traded at very low costs.


As in other marketplaces of Connaught Position, Negotiating is a thumbs concept here as well. For example, a top quality increased one would buy for Rs. 15 ($ 0.4) in a retail store store. But here in plant industry at Connaught Position, this can be bought for Rs. 4 only. Or a zebra going for Rs. 100 for 10 can be had for a 10th of the price. During optimum period, usually long-lasting Sept – Feb, and in short jolts at other times, costs can be greater with suppliers less willing to lower price their products.


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