Palika Bazaar

Palika Bazaar is an subterranean industry situated between the inner and external group of Connaught Position, Delhi, Indian. It is known as after Palika Bazaar of Mumbai. Palika Bazaar serves 390 designated stores promoting a different variety of items; however, the industry is covered with digital items and outfits. Palika Bazaar was set up in 4 decades ago, but since the 1980's it has seen a decrease in clients, in aspect due to the starting of several new, contemporary purchasing centers all over Delhi.

Palika Bazaar is approximated to have some 15.000 individuals within its constraints at one some time to also draws many international guests. It is known as an place with a very low stage of costs. It does, however, also have a popularity for a extensive option unlawful items such as porn, thieved products, bogus developer items and stolen CDs, application and films. Cops perform frequent raids to restore thieved or stolen products, but this has did not put an end to the unlawful action in the marketplace.

Gates of Palika Bazaar

  • Gate no. 1: Primary checkpoint. Encounters Connaught Position Primary Recreation place, with F Prevent on the right and Palika Underground Vehicle parking on the remaining. Stairway access.
  • Gate no. 2: Encounters Palika Underground Vehicle parking. Disability slam access.
  • Gate no. 3: Not in use. Encounters Palika Underground Vehicle parking. Shut to the community.
  • Gate no. 4: Control staircase access with two gateways, one not in use. Entrance in use faces Parliament Road, Stunning Developing and Jeevan Bharti building.
  • Gate no. 5: Control staircase access with two gateways. One door faces Janpath, N Prevent and Jeevan Bharti building, the other faces towards Palika Underground Vehicle parking.
  • Gate no. 6: Stairway access. Encounters N Prevent and F Prevent.
  • Gate no. 7: Disability slam access. Encounters F Prevent.

Advice for visitors

While you strategy to check out Palika Bazaar, you should be careful of copy items, choose pocketers, and deal as much as you can so that your purchasing encounter is excellent and you experience not to be scammed. It is also recommended to take one individual along with you who knows the ins and out of this industry and can help you to create a better buy. You can also rest at the grassy place above the industry and can appreciate the treats. From the grassy floor one can also take a wonderful look of vibrant Connaught place industry while soothing there. And keep in thoughts that Palika bazaar is closed on Sundays.


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