Inner Circle

Cannaught Place Inner Circle

Officially known Rajiv Chowk yet locals and travelers love calling this bustling neighborhood Connaught Place. Built in year 1933 and named after Duke of Connaught, Connaught Place got constructed to make it as Central Business District and till today this remain as main commercial centre in city. This was designed in shape of horseshoe to bring good luck to both shoppers as well as business owners as was and still is commercial heart of the Delhi. Connaught Place first designed through W.H. Nicholls, chief architect to Government of India plaza based on European Renaissance and alsp Classical style but left India before plan and Robert r Russell, chief architect to Public Works Department finished design Connaught Place. Connaught Place consists of Inner Circle, Middle Circle and Outer Circle, plus 7 radial roads.

This Inner Circle at the Connaught Place is home of an array of the shops, restaurants and cafes. Whether you have been planning to splurge on shopping, dining or just for hanging out with your buddies, Inner Circle is perfect for all. If shopping, Inner Circle has been home to underground market, Palika Bazaar. Shopping at Palika Bazaar needs lot hard work and Palika Bazaar had almost everything and anything 1 could possibly imagine. From clothing, shoes, fashion accessories till electronic items such as the DVD player, mobile phones, gaming console and from souvenirs and gifts to art, crafts, pirated DVD’s as well as CD’s. You would find all here. After the day of shopping, go up and relax in the Palika Bazar Park and head towards nearby Central Park. Just outside Palika Bazaar, there are many restaurants and eateries where you savour variety of the food along with fruit juices and soda.

Travelers will find many stores and brands like Addidas, Levis, Nike, and more located along the Inner Circle. If you looking for place to dine and just relax and enjoy drink, Inner Circle had been home of many excellent restaurants as well as bars. Check out Host Restaurant, for mouth-watering Indian dishes. English Dairy has been also another great restaurant serving Indian Cuisine located in Inner Circle. This Ignis Kitchen and Bar is another Inner Circle popular joint both locals and tourists. These was the complete details available on this place and get details on how to visit and definitely plan and have the best time along with your reference groups and enjoy doing the shopping.


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