PVR Rivoli

In old times, Rivoli was one of the earliest and tiniest films hallways in Delhi Town. In it’s times, Rivoli was very popular for testing big banner British films. Like PVR Plaza, Rivoli was overtaken through PVR a while ago. Now it’s known by PVR Rivoli. The look has modified and so as the environment. PVR Rivoli has magnificent ground sitting, 51-seater leading living room & new high-tech ticketing solutions. PVR Rivoli also has an ATM self-operating solution kiosk which allows you to get your film passes (just like you take out money from an ATM system) through an ATM offered by the PVR.

PVR Rivoli is part of the popular PVR Cinema that functions a sequence of cinemas. In all PVR Cinema functions 6 magnificent cinemas in Delhi itself. PVR Rivoli, situated in Connaught Position at the heart New Delhi, is rated among the most recommended films location and draws thousands of crowd every day.

Rivoli, a Thirties film area was remodeled and re-opened as PVR Rivoli in 2006, starting another interesting section in the record of this years old cinema. PVR Rivoli, challenging still only one display area, can provide about 300 visitors at once. It is prepared with features like, Dolby digital encompass audio program, the state-of-the-art Xenon-based projector technological innovation, advantage to advantage displays, and relaxed sitting etc. helps provide the greatest film encounter to the film visitors. This cinema also feature of a magnificent Elite living room, features to variety business get together and collecting apart from the film display. The treat bar here provides numerous treats and drinks, which are reasonably cost and can have it sent to your chairs as well. There's also a huge compensated automobile vehicle parking space at the back end of the film area.

Rivoli appears high as one of the unusual culture qualities in Delhi. It gives you outstanding solutions and atmosphere, while still maintaining the old globe appeal making a visit to location an memorable encounter.

Single Screen Theatre
Price Tickets:

The cost of the passes are billed according to the chairs and the show you choose, varying between Rs. 125 and Rs. 200.The leading chairs cost about Rs 200 and gives the best view. It would best to book passes in enhance to prevent the disillusionment. Internet arranging option is available.

PVR Rivoli
Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
Connaught Position,
New Delhi H.O - 110001



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