Rajiv Chowk Metro Station

This Rajiv Chowk is Delhi City position in Delhi, on Red and Yellow-colored Collections. It is exchange position between the Red Range on and the Yellow-colored Range on reduced stage. It is most popular programs on the system, providing Connaught Set up the center of Delhi. Many companies and essential structures, dining places and theatres are situated just outside the position. There is a Nirula's shop within the position. There are leaves, such as some within the Main Recreation position. Delhiites, especially the mature ones, often consult the position as CP. Above the position is the wonderful central park.

There's also a Java shop Java Day shop near the Red Range Foundation. You need not quit the compensated position to accessibility the café. Rajiv Goswami was a former industry higher education student at the Deshbandhu College, Delhi Undergraduate who had tried self-immolation to demonstration against V.P. Singh's execution of the Mandal Percentage suggestions. During Mandal commission frustration, the AIIMS junction in Delhi had been momentarily relabeled Rajiv Chowk by learners in a party of his bravado.

Facilities available at Rajiv Chowk City Station

  • Interchange position between Red line and Yellow-colored Line
  • Community Rest room (Rs. 1/- for the Urinal and Rs. 2/- for the Toilet)
  • Drinking water (at affordable charges),
  • Refreshment,
  • Special features Actual challenged

Distance and operating time from Terminal stations

Other information of  Rajiv Chowk City Station

Gauge :                                                         Broad Evaluate (1674 mm)
Parking (Availability Area) :                          Not available
Important Attractions near station:               Connaught Place, Palika Bazar, and Main Park

Type (UG/Elevated/at Grade) Under Ground
Class of station Interlocked station having points and crossings, fixedx signals and link line (between Yellow line and Blue line)
Station Opening Date 03 July 2005
Located on Line Line 2, Central Secretariat - Jahangirpuri (Yellow Line)


Distance from Terminal station (in km)
Running Time
Adjacent Station
Distance from Adjacent Station
Central Secretaria - 2.049 04 min 50 sec Patel Chowk 1.236 km
Jahangirpuri - 14.045 27 min 15 sec New Delhi 1.249 km


Frequency of Trains at Rajiv Chowk Metro Station:

Yellow Line
Peak Hours
Off Peak Hours
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 3 min 10 sec 3 min 25 sec ~ 15 min
Saturday 3 min 25 sec 3 min 25 sec ~ 15 min
Sunday & Holiday 4 min 15 sec 4 min 15 sec ~ 15 min
Blue Line
Peak Hours
Off Peak Hours
Weekdays (Mon - Fri) 3 min 20 sec 4 min 15 sec ~ 15 min
Saturday 4 min 4 min ~ 15 min
Sunday & Holiday 4 min 30 sec 4 min 30 sec ~ 15 min



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