Parking Fee

General Parking

  • The charges are Rs. 10 for first hour & part thereof time
  • There are Rs 10 per additional hour & part thereof charge
  • There is a charge of Rs. 100 for the Lost parking smart card

Prepaid Parking

Both South Square and Capitol Point multilevel car parks facilitate the prepaid parking facility.

Visit the Customer Lounge or Retrieval Room for the issuance of Prepaid parking cards. One may also avail ample discounts on the issuance of Prepaid parking cards which solely depend on the specific needs and preferences of card owners.

One has to pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 100 on the issuance of every card. This fund is refunded to card owner upon surrendering the card.

One can use this card until its balance amount is utilized. An added benefit with it is that such cards don’t have any time limit for validity hence there is good choice to make through refilling credits like one does for metro cards.

Holiday Parking

You might have plans for your holiday but little bit worried what to do to your car to keep it safe and secure.

Go for holiday car parking which DLF multilevel car parking at South Square and Capitol Point offer.

One can go for holiday car parking at both the car parking areas for as much time as wanted. The only precondition for that is that car owners must pre-inform the parking supervisor if there is any such need. In normal circumstances the preferred option of duration for such parking options are usually 15 to 20 days but car owners may avail the service of more days to park. The parking areas cater to the needs of customers if they have genuine need of parking for longer time period.

According to cards discount validity options, the pre-paid card owners are given discounts on such grounds only which are convenient and easy to use.

One can prefer the service of overnight / long-term car parking facility in the absence of a Prepaid car parking card which is issued on the basis of existing rates which are usually at the rate of (@Rs 10 for one hour and which doesn’t facilitate any discount as well.


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