Holiday/Prepaid Parking

Pre Paid Parking

The South Square and Capitol Point multi level car park areas both provide the prepaid parking facility for which pre paid parking cards are available and can be collected by the customers at the Customer Lounge (Retrieval Room).  Different discount schemes are made available for pre paid parking card  which again depends on the customers’ requirement of card.  Every card is associated with a security deposit of Rs. 100 which would be refunded while returning the card.   The usage of card is permitted till the amount is drained which does not carry any validity period.  It is similar to the metro card with refilling and reuse facilities.

Holiday Parking

In order that one can park his/her car safely during outing on holidays,  holiday parking facility is now made available at the DLF multi level card parks at the South Square and Capitol Point in Delhi.  Both at South Square and Capitol Point, customers can park their cars for any number of days.  The pre-requisite condition that the supervisor be informed well before.  Normally maximum number of days that a car can be parked is say 15-20 days, however, the same can be extended for more deays, depending upon one’s necessities.

Parking cars for a longer period, by the pre paid card holders attracts good discount which again depends on the discount applicable on the customers’ cards.  If the pre paid card parking card is not available, one can make use of the parking facility, for parking the cars either overnight or long term according to the existing tariff which is presently Rs. 10 per hour excluding any discount.


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