Spaces for General movement and for circulation:

The spaces related to general areas and that for movement has the Corridors for entry, lift in the entrance, side movement areas, verandah, which includes lights as also equipments if fire breaks out in both ground and first floor areas, General Washrooms, Washroom for differently enabled,  Wash Room at the Toilets at Cellar area, as also Ground and the first floor spaces, General Steps and  steps at the  sideways, Lifts and Lift spaces at cellar location, at the Ground as also the first floor areas and above all Car parking through  mechanized method covering second to ninth floor areas.

Facilities for services and coverage spaces:

This covers the beneath ground level Tanks as also the Pump Room, Sub station related to the Electric connections covering Transformers of High and Low Voltage  Panels as also the general Electrical appliances,  Support Room for Generators  and D G sets, Room containing Machines related to Lift,  Services for Building maintenance  and its related spaces,  Water Tanks placed on terrace area, Plumbing Shafts, Services covering Fire Risks, Electric coverages, HVAC, D.G. sets, also other general works covering the building areas, and the Sewage Treatment Plant.

Building in the Outside areas:

This refers to the areas which are Smooth and hard surfaces, and also the services related to lighting, Places covering Driving Driveway areas which is inclusive of services for lighting.

Safety measures for Fire related exigencies/risks:

The fire safety arrangements covers the areas like Gases supplied and placed at the Server room, as also the other areas under use, Protection for LT panels through “CO2 Protection System”, Ventilation through mechanical let out covering the Basement places, Supply of power during emergency to all the building areas with its car parking spaces, Signals for exit to move out during exigencies,  Signs showing various routes/directions, Pump system for fighting fire, Doors for fire safety, Utilize Items which are of non combustible nature for buildings, Water tanks both at beneath and above the building areas, First Aid related to Fire accidents, Auto fire spray systems, Automated system to discover fire and Alarm items, Fire Extinguishing machines, Manually managed electrical label points, Switch while lift gets grounded, Facilities to attend to the public, Specially meant Fire Control room/security area, CCTV and Intercom facilities.


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