Car Parking

Step 1

Scanning of car registration number plus in-time records are done instantly and online the moment a car enters into the Parking Window. Operator’s system receives the captured information which is relayed by the cameras instantly. The driver receives a Smart card instantly. Upon the completion of such basic tasks car is permitted for entry through automatic lifting of the Boom barrier.

Step 2

In continuum the car owner is advised to drive until the basement area where one finds the Display Board indicating the "Parking Bay Status" plus detailed mention of the Direction of the place where an empty parking bay is available. Customers are assisted by the parking attendants to help them to position their respective cars in the available parking pallet area. Customers are helped by display sensors to ascertain they have correct car on pallet alignment before parking.

Step 3

Next step begins with the customer coming out of the car to walk to the area where card swiping is done to pay the bill. Hardly is there any pollution there due to the shutting of the car engines while the whole process of automatic parking completes. The card swipe area brings complete information for the drivers to follow the instructions accordingly.

Step 4

It is the last step under which customer presses the confirmation button and asked to wait until the Green Light goes ON with the closing of boom barrier. Till the time Green Light turns OFF a customer is advised to keep the card on card-reader itself. With this process, the car is lifted to lift thereafter. It goes for parking at the vacant parking slot on any of the floors where available. All such things are easily performed by the computerized lift from car movement until its parking.


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