Talkatora Stadium

New Delhi boasts of a world-class indoor stadium: the Talkatora Stadium located near the famous Talkatora Gardens near Connaught Place. The NDMC or New Delhi Municipal Council owns and manages the stadium.


Talkatora Stadium lies in the vicinity of the well-known Talkatora gardens that come from the time of the Mughal dynasty. The name is derived from two words; “Tal” which means lake or tank and “katora” which means bowl. There is a historic tank situated on the western side of the Gardens and there is a rounded concavity surrounded by the hills of the ridge that resembles a “katora” or bowl, hence the name.

The Talkatora Indoor Stadium was renovated, refurbished and upgraded for the Commonwealth Games that were held in Delhi in 2010. The boxing event of the Games was held here. Since then the Stadium is used for various sports tournaments as well as other social and political events.

Talkatora Indoor Stadium was renovated in year 2010. The stadium is a unique piece of architecture with an elegant look. The stadium was a venue for the 2010 Commonwealth Games for the event of boxing. There was a star night to raise funds for the Kargil War relief fund.

During November 1978, Leftists organized a national delegate session here which was attended by more than 7,000 trade union delegates.


The architecture of the stadium is unique, making the stadium not only elegant and modern but also a green stadium since it is energy efficient and  the construction material used is environmental-friendly.  

There are many facilities in the stadium like acoustic dome-shaped ceiling, digital score board, multiple video screens at various places and shadow-less sports lighting that make it one of the best stadiums for indoor competitive sports. The spectator area rises in tiers from the central competition ring and can hold around 3000 spectator and also has a parking capacity of 500 cars. The facility block where the athletes and sportspersons live is next to the main stadium and connects to it by a tunnel. There is also an Olympic size swimming pool next to the stadium.

This modern indoor stadium was built at a cost of Rs. 150 crores.

Hire Charges for Stadium

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There are multiple facilities in the stadium that use the latest technology and make it one among the best stadia in the world. The acoustic dome-shaped ceiling, digital scoreboard and large video screens are some of the features of the stadium.

The ground floor of the stadium is used for sports events, medical office, warm up area for sports persons and a lounge for players. On the first floor are various administrative offices such as doping-control office, technical office, meeting room etc.


The stadium and its surroundings is very well secured by means of 1104 CCTV cameras installed all over the complex and on the compound wall of the stadium.


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