Hanuman Mandir

Hanuman Forehead in Connaught Position, New Delhi, is an historical Hindu temple and is stated to be one of the five wats or wats of Mahabharata times in Delhi. The other four wats or wats are the Kalkaji, a Kali temple in Southern Delhi containing Swayambu (Sanskrit: “self manifest”) stone Idol, the Yogmaya Forehead near Qutub Minar, the Bhairav temple near the Purana Qila and the Nili Chatri Mahadev (Shiva temple) at Nigambodh Ghat outside the surfaces of Old Delhi.

The temple, which has a self reveal idol of Hanuman, has an uncommon function set in the spire (Viman) by means of a cres celestial satellite (an Islamic symbol) instead of the Hindu icon of Aum or Sun that is generally seen in most Hindu wats or wats. This became particularly essential during the Mughal interval confirming this outstanding interpretation.

The idol in the temple, devotionally worshipped as “Sri Hanuman Ji Maharaj” (Great Master Hanuman), is that of Bala Hanuman namely, Hanuman as a kid.


The town of Delhi was the chair of energy for many dynasties. There are famous experiences of Hindu level of immune to recurring Islamic invasions by the Rajput Master, Prithviraj Chauhan. Several wats or wats designed by Tomars and Chauhans in that era, were drawn down by the overcoming Muslims and their rocks reutilized mainly in the development of the Auwwat-ul-Islam mosque at Lal Kot, in the Qutub complicated. As opposed to the other Hindu Temples, where icon above the spire (vimana) is more generally an Om or Sun indication, Hanuman Forehead in Connaught Position has a cres celestial satellite icon (an Islamic symbol) in the vimana. It is considered that this might be the purpose why Mughals did not eliminate the temple.

The idol in the temple is of God Hanuman and according to the monks here, Hanuman Bhagwan symbolizes here by means of a balak (young child). That is why this temple also being known as as Bala Hanuman Forehead. Bhagwan Hanuman here experiencing towards southern route and one can see only one eye of Shri Bala hanuman. As seen within the temple, Bhagwan Bala Hanuman provides the Gada (mace or club) in the left-hand with the right side sets over his chest area as in prayer to the nearby idol of master Rama, Lakshmana and Mata Sita. It is considered that Sriman Narayan (also known as Lord Vishnu) who had taken the character (the symptom of a Hindu deity (especially Vishnu) in individual or superhuman form) as Lord Rama had proven the government through dharma (basic concept of cosmos) to the globe and remaining for Vaikuntha (Lord Vishnu's heaven). All the figures of Ramayana had remaining for Vaikuntha, but Bhagwan Hanuman stayed here with us in this globe, to propagate the Ramaraj and dharma. After that, he had seen Sriman Narayan in the next yug as Lord Krishna character and his help was desired for re-establishment of dharma. It is considered with the Gada in his side Bhagwan Hanuman eliminate all the evils.

The primary entry of Hanuman Forehead in Connaught Position appears like the excellent art work done by the art men with excellent commitment. The checkpoint is known as dwar is considered to be hundreds of years old illustrate the finish impressive of Ramayana in the art type. The roofs of the mandap (hall or pavilion) illustrate the impressive of Ramayana attractively coloured.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are associated with Bhagwan Hanuman and spends come here in high variety for praise. Hanuman Jayanti (birthday festivities of master Hanuman) is also organised every season with excellent excitement. On that day one can see more audience then Mondays and Saturdays as spends done unique Puja (worship). Guests are recommended to get into in temple barefooted.

When the go preacher of Hanuman Forehead in Connaught Position came to know that Barack Barack obama taken the fortunate appeal of small Hanuman during his selection strategy, then he made the decision to existing a unique fantastic idol of Lord Hanuman. It is said that the silver coated Hanuman Idol being made the decision to existing to Barack Barack obama has came from Connaught Position Hanuman Forehead.


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